No Quarry – we should follow Australia’s lead, and ban quarries from operating within a kilometre radius of residential homes – Dr Alistair Humphreys, Canterbury Medical Officer of Health

We have a series of workshops and working groups planned for the pre-submission period. Workshops will involve an expert coming to talk with us, whereas working groups are community members getting together to discuss, chat, and assist each other. As always, we are looking at other opportunities to get expertise in certain areas for your benefit.

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January 2019

Saturday 19th January – 10am
Working Group on “Understanding the Application”

Tuesday 22nd January – 7:30pm
Repeat Workshop on “Submissions” – Note this is a repeat of a workshop done earlier in the year which we have had great feedback on

Wednesday 30th January – 7:30pm
Working Group on “Understanding the Application”


If you wish to attend one of these workshops or working groups please register your interest with Jolene by Monday 14th January at Following this, you will get further information (we will send a reminder email out after 7th January). Further working groups will be held on writing submissions following public notification. If anything changes before Friday with regard to additional workshops, we will advise by email. The TRA subcommittee is having a break until the 7th of January. Thank you for your understanding.



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