No Quarry – It’s like sandpaper blowing through the air. Quote from Dr Alistair Humphreys, Canterbury medical officer of health

Fulton Hogan is planning to develop a quarry site adjacent to Dawsons Road in Templeton, Selwyn District – using 170 hectares of land for up to 40 years. However, quarries can be noisy, dirty and dangerous, and should not be built near homes, urban areas or townships. The proposed Fulton Hogan quarry in Templeton will be built within metres of local residents and their homes.

Sign our petition – Ask the NZ Government to ensure sensible quarrying distances from residential properties.
Ask the NZ Government to ensure sensible quarrying distances from residential properties.
How will it impact me, my family and my community?

Quarries built near communities – like the proposed Fulton Hogan quarry – can have implications on people’s health, destroy the local environment and add real safety risks on quiet country roads.

If you live in or around the Templeton, West Melton or Rolleston areas, you and your family could be at risk, likewise if you live anywhere in New Zealand near rural property, you could find a quarry pit being dug on your doorstop.

Our goal

We want Fulton Hogan to put people before profits, and we want the Selwyn District Council to say NO to the proposed Fulton Hogan quarry.

Our goal is to change New Zealand law. We want the New Zealand Government to create sensible limits on how close a quarry can be put to a home. While the Ministry for the Environment's good practice guidelines recommend a setback distance of 500m from those containing crystalline silica, there is no law enforcing such requirements. In other countries – including India and Pakistan – they insist on a 1km minimum setback. We want New Zealand to be the same, if not better.

Together we can secure the safety of our future, and ensure no quarries are built within a kilometre or more of our communities and their families.



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