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There are a range of ways you can make your voice heard during the submission process. The TRA is aiming to provide as much assistance as possible to our community and will be regularly updating resources and information on this page, as they become available. If you have any further ideas about how we can help or ways you’d like to get involved, please get in touch.

Act Now – Fulton Hogan Quarry Application publicly notified – Submission period closes 5pm 6 June 2019
For details on the proposal, information on making a submission and latest updates from Environment Canterbury.
How to write a submission

This booklet developed by the Ministry for the Environment provides some useful information about writing a submission:

An everyday guide to the RMA: Making a Submission about a Resource Consent Application

Online submission
You can make an online submission through the Selwyn District Council’s website.
The Council provides information on Publicly notified Resource Consents:

Link to online submission form:

Things to remember when submitting online:

Hard copy submission
You can also send in a hard copy of your submission, using a copy of the attached form.

Information on Publicly Notified Resource Consent:

Download Submission Form


Things to remember when mailing your submission:
  • Choose to be heard at the hearing. You can always change your mind later. This is to ensure that you get a copy of the Planning Report.
  • You must also send a copy of your submission to the applicant (at the applicant’s address for service) as soon as reasonably practicable.
  • You can drop your submission off at SDC and ask for a receipt as proof of your submission being received.
  • Printed Submission Forms
    There are printed copies of the submission form available to pick up at the Templeton Pharmacy. You can also drop your completed submission form off at the Templeton Pharmacy and the TRA will ensure it is received by SDC before submissions close.

    You are welcome to contact the TRA with any questions or concerns regarding your submission. We will try our best to assist.

    If you have questions about the application or want further information, you can also contact SDC and Ecan.

    This will be uploaded as it comes to hand.
    Planning reports
    This will be uploaded as it comes to hand.
    How to speak at a hearing
    To learn more about speaking at the hearing, the TRA is hoping to hold some workshops. However this has not been confirmed.
    Keep an eye out on this site for more information. You can also read the following guide:

    An everyday guide to the RMA: Appearing at a Council Resource Consent Hearing

    Suggested conditions
    We have been strongly advised that as a part of your submission, it’s wise to include the conditions you would like to see imposed IF the proposed quarry goes ahead. Please do not see this undermining your application.
    We will update this page with some things for you to think about regarding the operation of quarry conditions, for example truck movements, hours of operation etc.

    Use these examples if you wish, and/or create your own based on what you believe should occur IF the quarry goes ahead.

    Workshops/Working Groups
    The overwhelming feedback we’ve had from our community is that people would like the opportunity to work with others on their submissions.

    The TRA is hoping to hold some workshops prior to the application being publicly notified – especially on some of key issues. We also hope to hold some working groups following public notification on “Understanding the Application” and “Writing submissions”.

    Keep an eye out on this site for more information.

    Next Community Meeting Tuesday 16 April – Last chance to meet as a community, discuss the issues and plan your submission before the hearing
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