Stop the quarry

Please feel free to download, print and distribute these flyers.

We’ve put together some simple flyers to provide general information about the No Quarry campaign and to encourage people to get involved. They are set up for double sided print on an A4 page, which can then be cut down the middle to create two A5 flyers. There are a couple of options here – one directly focusing on Fulton Hogan and the other without the company’s name on the cover. Please feel free to choose either option.

We’ve designed these to be suitable to use as a letterbox drop, to put under windshields or hand out at markets. If you are interested in doing something practical to help spread the No Quarry message, or know someone that is, please use these flyers to print and distribute. 

We’re also thinking about printing a larger number of these flyers to make available at upcoming community meetings. If you think there’s a need and would be keen to help give out a few hundred of these, let us know.

Download Brochure one
Download brochure two
Where can I go for more information?
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