No Quarry – It’s like sandpaper blowing through the air. Quote from Dr Alistair Humphreys, Canterbury medical officer of health

The Templeton Residents Association (TRA) has been advocating for the people of Templeton and running community events for many years. Earlier this year, it came to our attention that Fulton Hogan was proposing a quarry near our community.

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Our community does not want the proposed Fulton Hogan quarry so close to residents, local businesses and industries, and does not believe companies like Fulton Hogan should benefit at the expense of others’ wellbeing.

Since then, our subcommittee has worked hard on four goals;

(a) to inform the community

(b) to encourage our community to engage in the quarry application process by writing a submission

(c) to educate our community on how to write a submission and

(d) submit against the quarry.

This website is designed to assist members of the wider community to engage with the process.



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